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In cancer, the immune system fails, cells of the immune system fail to recognize the cancer cells. The immune system doesn't see tumors as dangerous or foreign and doesn't mount a strong attack against them. Another reason tumors may not stimulate an immune response is that cancer cells develop ways to escape the immune system.

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Let your Immune System treat your cancer.
The Dendritic cells in your body can kill your cancer silently.
Additionally, The Dendritic cells help to Prevent Relapse,
Provide quality life and Prolong life.

How to Begin Denvax Treatment

The patient or the attendant is required to contact our office, preferably nearby the patient's location. Patient is then required to send his reports and a short video, explaining or showing his/her current clinical status. The doctor evaluates the patient's clinical condition and may or may not advise Denvax, based on Eligibility Criteria. Patients willing to take Denvax treatment are required to fill and sign Informed Consent Form. The Logistics team then works at collection of blood drawl from patient’s home. They assign a trained technical staff to travel to the patient’s location for blood collection. It takes 8 days to manufacture Denvax. Denvax is then delivered via trained technical staff to the patient's home for administration.

Alternatively, patients living near and around The Denvax Clinics, may visit the Denvax office and get the treatment at The Denvax Clinic.

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Reports and Video

with our Doctor

Manufacturing starts

  • Denvax reaches to the patients location
  • Administration of Denvax to the patient
  • Repeat steps for further doses

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Dr. Jamal A. Khan and Dr. Sharmin Yaqin are leading cancer Immunotherapists in India, who introduced the concept of customised treatment in cancer, cell-based treatments, and cancer Immunotherapy.

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin


Dr. Sharmin Yaqin, MBBS, MD (Clinical Biochemistry), was pursuing her post- graduate when she developed interest in protein extraction, and their role in cancer behaviour..

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Dr. Jamal A. Khan


Dr Jamal A. Khan, MBBS, MD (Medical Microbiology), was a professor in Indian university, teaching Immunology when he developed interest in the power of immune system..

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What is Denvax?

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