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A Brief Summary About Denvax

  • Denvax is autologous cell treatment in cancer. Here patient's cells (taken from 20 ml peripheral blood) are cultured and transformed into dendritic cells (cancer‐fighting cells). The cells are cultured by ex vivo technology in 8 days and re‐infused into the same patient. The treatment is part of customized targeted therapies.
  • The dendritic cells once inside the body generate robust immunology to fight cancer. Denvax is intended to use as adjuvant therapy, and in no way is a substitute to conventional treatment. Denvax can be given under the supervision of your doctor, who can monitor the treatment outcome.
  • Denvax used concomitantly with the existing chemotherapy / radiation therapy plan, aids in enhancing the clinical outcome.


Below is a list of cancer which have shown a definite response:

Note: Denvax has not proven to be of benefit in Leukemias. If your cancer is not listed in the above-mentioned table, you may still benefit from this treatment. You may consult our doctors at The Denvax Clinics, to find out more.

When Can Denvax Be used?

How is Denvax taken?

Your personalized Denvax shall reach you on the date assigned to you, in a cold chain carrier dry ice. Denvax is a pink colored solution. You may check your name and identification code given. It will reach you on 8-10 days of blood collection.

Denvax is administered intravenously as infusion in 100 ml dextrose normal saline (DNS) along with an injection of Ondansetrone (4 mg), an antiemetic.

Side Effects Management

Common side effects are fever, with or without chills and rigors, and lethargy. Fever may appear in 30 minutes of vaccine administration and may last for 24 to 48 hrs. Fever subsides by taking a tablet of paracetamol (acetaminophen).

Important information

Upon receiving your Denvax dosage in your home/location, you may verify your patient’s name, identification code and address mentioned clearly on the vials supplied to you.

Storage of vials

Denvax cannot be stored beyond 30 hours of its packaging. It is supplied to you in cold chain carriers where the optimum temperature is between 4º‐8ºC. The expiry date and time are mentioned on the vials. Denvax can only be taken within 30 hours of packaging. Please ensure all preparations for receiving and administering of the vaccine on the specified date and time.

If you intend to delay receiving your Denvax dosage for some reasons, the Denvax can remain stored for you for maximum of 30 days in our lab at Denvax RnD Center Sohna, Haryana. You may inform the office at Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, to with hold the Denvax dosage, at least 48 hours prior to delivery date.

Note: Once the vaccine is on its way for delivery, it cannot be taken back for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Dendritic cells and how are they useful?

Dendritic cells are blood cells present in every person's bloodstream. They function as an immune cell but are present in small numbers. They identify cancer cells, process them into bits, and jumpstart the immune response by bringing the foreign substance to the attention of the rest of the immune system (T cells). The activated immune system is then able to circulate throughout the body and destroy the cancer cells.


What happens in cancer?

In cancer, the immune system fails; cells of the immune system fail to recognize the cancer cells. The immune system doesn't "see" tumors as dangerous or foreign, and doesn't mount a strong attack against them. Another reason tumor may not stimulate an immune response is that the cancer cells develop ways to escape the immune system.


What is DENVAX (Dendritic cell therapy)?

Cancer occurs because the immune system has failed. Numerous researches now prove that this defect in the immune system can be corrected outside the body (ex vivo technology). DENVAX is dendritic cell therapy, which involves the extraction of mononuclear (CD14+) cells from the patient's own blood, transformation of these cells into cancer-fighting cells and giving back to the patient.


How is DENVAX prepared?

Mononuclear (CD14+) cells are extracted from the patient's peripheral blood. These cells are cultured, exposed to maturation stimuli and then re-infused into the same patient on the the 8th day of blood collection.


What kind of cancers can be treated by DENVAX therapy?

This includes solid tumors mainly, including cancers of the bladder, bone, brain, breast, head & neck, gallbladder, kidney, liver, lung, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and testicular.


At what cancer stage should a patient consider DENVAX therapy?

A patient may consider DENVAX therapy when:

  • the patient is free of disease but at a risk of recurrence
  • palliation is required
  • patient requires immune-therapy in addition to ongoing chemo/radiation therapy

How are Dendritic cells made to recognize the patient's tumor cells?

Dendritic cells should recognize the patient's tumor cells and target them once inside the body. But before that they must undergo 'maturation'. For this the dendritic cells are exposed to tumor antigen-self or non-self.


Who will benefit most from the therapy?

DENVAX works best in patients

  • who opt early during the disease progression;
  • who opt immediately after surgery, when tumor load is minimal.

How is DENVAX administered?

DENVAX is administered as an infusion in 100ml DNS, in twenty minutes.


What are the side effects of DENVAX?

There are minimal side effects. Some patients may experience mild-moderate grade fever after vaccine administration lasting 24-48 hours. Some may experience lethargy/weakness for few days.


Are there any contraindications for this therapy?

There are no contraindications to this therapy.

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