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Lungs Cancer: Types, Symptoms, Stages, Diagnosis and Immunotherapy Treatment

Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment

Lung cancer starts in the lungs and gradually can spread to your lymph nodes and other body organs. There are different types of growth in these types of cancers, and they are treated accordingly. Choosing the best lung cancer hospital in india would allow you to get the best lung cancer treatment and help you get back to a normal life. Denvax is one of the best lung cancer treatment hospital in india offering immunotherapy for lung cancer.

Types Of Lung Cancer

Cancer doctors in lung cancer hospital in India determine the lung cancer treatment based on the type of cancer developing in the organ:
● SCLC – It encompasses approximately 10% to 15% of lung cancers and is the most aggressive and quickly growing.
● NSCLC – It is common lung cancer that accounts for around 85% of this type of cancer. Some of the NSCLC cancers include -
      1. Squamous Cell Carcinomas       2. Large Cell Carcinomas       3. Adenocarcinomas       4. Bronchial Carcinoids

What Are The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer?

If you experience the below symptoms, then you should look for lung cancer treatment Delhi:
● Pain or an ache while coughing or breathing
● A cough that continues over 2-3 weeks
● An enduring cough that continues to get worse
● Unexplained weight loss or loss of appetite
● Constant lack of energy or tiredness
● Constant breathlessness
● Coughing up blood
● Chest infections that keep coming back.
● Severe dysphasia
● Hoarse voice
● Wheezing
● Constant shoulder pain and chest
● Swelling on the neck or face

How Are Lung Cancers Diagnosed?

Lung cancer treatment in India is determined by the diagnosis from the doctors –
● Biopsy – In this type of test, doctors will Take a sample of abnormal cells. A biopsy can be performed in different ways.
● Sputum Cytology– If you have a constant cough and are developing sputum, using a microscope of the sputum can at times reveal the presence of cancer cells.
● Imaging Tests – A CT scan can reveal small lesions within the lungs. Moreover, an X-ray image of the lungs may reveal an irregular nodule or mass.

What Are The Stages Of Lung Cancers?

Lung cancer treatment in India is determined by the stage of lung cancers. Following are the stages of these types of cancers –

● Small Cell Lung Cancer Stages:

At the limited stage, the growth of cancer is limited to one part of the chest, generally in the lymph nodes and lungs. At an extensive stage, this cancer has begun to spread throughout a lung., to lymph nodes, both the lungs or other parts of the body.

● Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Stages:

     1. Hidden stage – Cancer only appears when performed assessment, but the location of the tumor is not detected.
     2. Stage 0- Cancer cells are developed on the upper layer of cells lining air passages and remain limited to the lungs.
     3. Stage 1 – The size of the tumor remains under 3 centimeters, but it has not spread outside.
     4. Stage 2 – The cancer cells have spread from the lungs and to the lymph nodes. There are two stages within it, depending on the size of the tumor.
     5. Stage 3 - At this stage, cancer cells can be found in the lungs and lymph nodes present in the chest.
     6. Stage 4 – At this advanced stage, cancer cells have reached the fluids around the lungs, both the lungs have been affected, cancer cells have been detected in the fluid around the heart.

What Is Treatment For Lung Cancer?

There have been many options for a new treatment for lung cancer. The kind of treatment which is suitable will be determined by the stage and type of cancer, side effects involved, and overall health of the patients.
● Surgery
● Advanced Lung Cancer Treatment
● Targeted Lung Cancer Therapies
● Clinical Trials For Lung Cancer