Dr Sharmin Yaqin MD, Director,

About the Founder of Cancer Focus

Dr Sharmin Yaqin

Dr Sharmin Yaqin

MD, Director,
Optimum Therapeutics & The Denvax Clinics

Dr Sharmin Yaqin, MD (Clinical Biochemistry), developed a keen interest in protein extraction and their role in cancer, while pursuing her post-graduation. She went on to explore her passion for tumor immunology and eventually collaborated with Dr. Jamal Khan to make the treatment accessible to the masses.

She has played an integral role in establishing offices, both within India as well as internationally. She has also been at the forefront, as far as maximizing outreach and creating awareness amongst patients is concerned.

Trained extensively in Preventive Oncology, Dr. Yaqin devotes a major share of her time to deliver talks and seminars on the prevention of cancer. She lives between Delhi, Dubai and London.

Our Vision

Cancer Focus is an organisation keen to help people learn about the symptoms, types, causes, and treatment of Cancer. We, at Cancer Focus, care about every individual's health who approaches us for healthcare facilities.

Our Mission

Our objective is to educate everyone about the drastic impacts of an unhealthy lifestyle, which might lead to the development of cancer cells in your body. We ensure to guide you towards the path of living a sustainable life.

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