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Stomach Cancer: Types, Diagnosis, Stages, And Treatment

Stomach Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer, and it is caused when the cells within your stomach continue to grow and crowd the normal cells. This makes it challenging for the body to work in a way that it is supposed to. Cancer cells tend to spread to other parts of your body. Cancer cells developing in your stomach can travel to the liver and grow there. This situation is known as metastasis. There are different stomach cancer stages.

This is why it is important to diagnose stomach cancer symptoms from an early stage itself, and accordingly get timely stomach cancer treatment India. Identifying the right stomach cancer stages is also very crucial. Over the years, stomach cancer treatment in India has grown exponentially. If you are looking for immunotherapy for advanced stomach cancer in India, Denvax is a one-stop solution. The best hospital for stomach cancer in India, Denvax offers advanced immunotherapy for stomach cancer.In this blog, we are highlighting everything you need to know about stomach cancer causes and what stomach cancer treatment you can look for depending on its types –

Types of Stomach Cancer

When determining the treatment for stomach cancer, the doctors first identify what type of cancer the patient is suffering from.

● Lymphoma

These types of cancer develop in the immune system tissues and are found on the stomach wall. There are different forms of lymphoma, and the treatment depends on its type.

● Adenocarcinoma

A majority of stomach cancers are basically adenocarcinomas. These cancers develop in the cells that create the innermost lining (the mucosa) of the stomach.

● Carcinoid Tumor

Such types of tumors grow in the cells that make hormones within the stomach. A majority of these tumors do not spread and develop to organs near the stomach.

● Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

These types of tumors grow in the cells when they have just started to develop. They develop on the stomach walls and are known as interstitial cells of Cajal. These types of tumors are considered non-cancerous. While this cancer can be found anywhere, it mostly grows in the stomach.

What Are The Symptoms of Stomach Cancer?

So how will you know that you need stomach cancer treatment in India? Here are some symptoms that stomach cancer patients generally experience –

● Vomiting
● Stomach pain
● Indigestion
● Heartburn
● Feeling full even after eating little
● Feeling excessively bloated post easting
● Difficulty in swallowing
● Nausea
If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis, then you should consider stomach cancer treatment India.

How Is Stomach Cancer Diagnosed?

Here is how doctors diagnose this cancer in order to plan stomach cancer treatment.

● Upper endoscopy – A tiny camera is used to see inside the stomach. It is a thin tube that contains a tiny camera and is passed down the throat and into the stomach.
● Biopsy – If any suspicious areas are detected during the upper endoscopy, another tool is used to remove the tissue sample for further testing.
● Imaging Tests – In this test, the specialist looks for cancer through a special X-ray device known as a barium swallow and CT scans.

What Are The Stages Of Stomach Cancer?

Another area that determines the kind of stomach cancer treatment in India you look for is based on the stage of cancer. In stomach cancer, there are the following stages –
● T - The cancer cells are only present in the upper layer of mucosa cells.
● T1 - There is tumor growth in the top layer of mucosa cells.
● T2 - The tumor growth has spread within the layer of muscularis propria.
● T3 - The growth is extended into a subserosa layer.
● T4a -The tumor is developed through the walls and into the serosa.
● T4b- The growth of cancer is spread into other organs.

What Are Treatments of Stomach Cancer?

Once the type and stage of cancer are determined, the doctors will determine the cancer treatment in India, which is best suited for you. Following are the stomach cancer treatment types:

● Surgery
● Radiation
● Therapies Through Medication
● Chemotherapy
● Targeted Therapy
● Immunotherapy

Choosing the best stomach cancer treatment in India is imperative to treat the issue in the right manner. When you partner with a reliable and credible healthcare provider, you can be rest assured of acquiring the best treatment and services.