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Why is immunotherapy a preferred mode of treatment for cancer patients in recent times?

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment
What is Immunotherapy?

Most cancer patients and caregivers are familiar with conventional forms of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation. Immunotherapy refers to a form of cancer treatment that uses the body’s immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate cancer. Several of its features make it a more specific answer to cancer, which explains why it has emerged to be a preferred mode of treatment in recent times. Immunotherapy is effective for various types of cancer, as it recognises and targets cancer cells.

Immunotherapy vs Chemotherapy

So, instead of using medications or high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells, medical professionals recommend immunotherapy for cancer, which acts as biologic therapy. While some immunotherapy treatments are targeted at helping your immune system find cancer or work harder to attack it, others provide artificial versions of proteins or other substances that help your body fight the disease.

What is Immunotherapy in Cancer?

The human body's immune system comprises white blood cells, along with the organs and tissues of the lymph system, like your bone marrow. The main role of the immune system is to help your body fight off diseases and maintain good health. Certain drugs can help your immune system work better or make it easier for you to identify and get rid of cancer cells. Several of them have been approved when it comes to fighting cancer with immunotherapy drugs, while many more are undergoing clinical trials. In recent times, immunotherapy for cancer in India has grown very popular.

Immunotherapy Success Rate for Cancer

Immunotherapy treatment promises many benefits, which are as follows:

1. It may be more effective than other forms of treatment: Radiation or chemotherapy does not work very well for some cancers, such as skin cancer. Under such circumstances, medical professionals recommend immunotherapy to battle such forms of cancer.

2. It complements other treatments: This is to say that it often helps other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy work better. Some studies in the past have shown that using a mix of chemotherapy and immunotherapy helps your immune system target cancer cells to destroy them.

3. It has fewer side effects: This is because it only targets your immune system and not the other cells of your body. Different types of therapy come with their own side effects based on how they interact with the body. Conventional cancer treatments based on chemical or radiological therapy directly impact cancer and healthy tissues. This leads to common side effects such as hair loss and nausea. However, immunotherapy can also have certain side effects, depending on which type of immunotherapy is used. In the event of overstimulation or misdirection of the immune system, the patient can experience minor symptoms of inflammation (e.g. fever) or even significant conditions similar to autoimmune disorders.

4. Your cancer may be less likely to return: When a patient undergoes chemotherapy, his/her immune system learns to attack cancer cells if they come back. Also known as immuno-memory, this helps you stay cancer-free for a longer period. Thus, it offers the possibility of longer-lasting remissions. Clinical studies conducted on long-term overall survival have also indicated the durability of the beneficial responses to cancer immunotherapy treatment. That is, they may be maintained even after the treatment is over.

It is strongly advisable to have a detailed consultation with your medical professional before going for immunotherapy cancer treatment. Make sure you clearly understand how the treatment works, how often you will need it, whether it will be administered by itself or as a supplement to other therapies, its potential side effects, and so on. Your oncology care team is best equipped to guide you about immunotherapy and the right treatment plan for you.

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