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By Dr. Sharmin Yaqin MD

Cancer Immunotherapist
Founder, Denvax Cancer Immunotherapy, India

Hi, I am Dr. Sharmin Yaqin, a cancer Immunotherapist working in the field of Immunotherapy in cancer for the last 17 years. Together Dr. Jamal A. Khan and I, pioneered a cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy protocol in India, called Denvax some 17 years back. This is based on revival of immune responses in the body against cancer. Being autologous the treatment involves collection of blood cells from the cancer patient and processing it to transform into cancer-fighting dendritic cells. These cells are then given back to the same patient where they perform the task of cancer-killing. The protocol is safe as it involves patient’s own cells, that are given back to him/her, every 15 days for as long as the treatment works.

The treatment is beneficial for any-stage patients, in all types of solid tumors. It can be given along-side the existing conventional treatment plan. It does not interfere with the on-going treatments like surgery, radiation or chemotherapy or any other treatments like Ayurvedic, Unani or Homeopathy. When given in period of disease remission it helps to prevent recurrence, by targeting the micro-metastasis (which are the remaining microscopic cancer cells, not identifiable by any method). It also helps in palliation to bring about relief in symptoms and disease control.

We have a huge data of patients who have benefitted from this treatment in varying degrees. Most of the patients show response in some way or the other. The large majority shows response in terms of disease control, delay in disease progression, and overall survival benefit. They are additionally benefitted with symptomatic control, and improved quality of life. Some have entered into cure as well, a small percentage though. For patients showing no benefit, we may discontinue the treatment. The treatment has a good safety profile, the adverse value is minimal both long-term and short-term. To know more visit our website

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Best wishes,

Dr. Sharmin Yaqin, MD

Director, The Denvax Clinics & Optimum Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.