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How to Promote Cancer Awareness at Work?

Set a Fitness Challenge To Raise Cancer Awareness

Gone are the days when cancer was a hush-hush word or a dreaded topic that must not be harped on, let alone at work. On the contrary, there has been a steady rise in the number of cancer survivors, which enhances the importance of cancer awareness. Teaming up with your co-workers and helping each other learn more about cancer can play an instrumental role in educating ourselves about the disease, its prevention, symptoms, treatment, and so on. Here are some ways in which you can spread awareness in the workplace about cancer:

1. Set a fitness challenge:obesity, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, is one of the primary risk factors for cancer. Consider hosting a fitness challenge in your workplace to promote awareness about this. It can be something as simple as encouraging employees to ditch the elevator and take stairs instead, or you can also try something more challenging such as a 5km run. Decide on what will work best, depending on the general fitness levels of your colleagues. Check out some more ideas for a fitness challenge that will help raise cancer awareness:

a. A one-minute plank challenge : Your co-workers can share a video of them holding the plan position for at least one minute.
b. App-based challenge : Several fitness apps can help you build a challenge involving a dance or workout routine.
c. Set a routine : A challenge for coworkers to workout together, say twice a week or so, can be really effective to spread awareness about cancer. Besides boosting fitness levels, this can also be a great activity for team bonding.
d. Steps tracker : Encourage the employees to track the number of steps they take daily, through an app or a device. This should be competitive to motivate the participants to try harder.

2. Choose a cancer event:There are many dates around the year that are specifically dedicated to certain types of cancer. If some of such cancer events are supported at a local or global level by an organization/corporate house, it can go a long way to raise cancer awareness at work. For example, January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, 4th February is World Cancer Day, June is Cancer Survivors’ Month, 1st August is World Lung Cancer Day, 21st November is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, and so on. It is also interesting to note that each type of cancer is associated with a specific colour of ribbon. For example, the Pink ribbon denotes breast cancer. You can ideate a cancer awareness campaign by planning activities centred around that colour, get posters designed that talk about that particular type of cancer, and so on. This will help highlight the importance of cancer awareness through such cancer events.

3. Host a fundraiser:Want to extend financial assistance to a local cancer hospital/cancer palliative care centre/cancer research institute? A cancer fundraising activity for your workplace is a great idea! You can consider setting up stalls to sell food or handmade objects that your coworkers will help put together. Such collective efforts are not only beneficial in terms of spreading awareness but also from a philanthropic perspective as the proceeds can be donated to a charity of your choice. An online auction can also work wonders, wherein you can have your team sell pre-owned items like books. Another way to spread cancer awareness would be to start a go-fund-me page to help cancer patients cover their treatment expenses.

Host a Cancer Fundraiser to Spread Cancer Awareness.

4. Give out coupons for cancer screening: Certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer have screening tests that facilitate early detection of the disease, thereby improving the cancer treatment outcomes and chances of survival. Your company can make a great move by sponsoring screening tests at a local hospital or clinic. You can also rope in insurance companies or pharmacies that might be keen to sponsor such screenings. More and more organizations are adopting such measures to spread cancer awareness and also safeguard employee health in the process.

5. Invite a cancer survivor: Most cancer patients and survivors face social stigma in our country due to their condition. It’s high time to do away with such taboos and prejudices. To raise cancer awareness at work, you can organize a virtual event and invite cancer survivors to share their cancer journey through it. Such stories of how they battled all odds during the treatment and recovery can inspire your co-workers.

6. Invite an oncologist: As an organization, you can invite an oncologist to conduct a webinar on how to reduce cancer risk and share practical suggestions on how one can lead a healthier life. They can also talk about the common symptoms of different cancers, along with their respective screening processes. Have a Q&A session at the end of the talk, to allow your co-workers to clarify their doubts.

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